Igneus Pro 600


The Igneus Pro 600 Pizza Oven has the same dimensions at the Classico but is made with thicker insulation and higher legs. The increased insulation helps heat retention within the oven and the higher legs promote greater circulation around the oven. Handcrafted in Portugal, this beautifully designed oven can cater for 2 pizza bakes at a go. It’s easy to light and will reach the optimal cooking temperature of 400 degrees C in just 30 minutes. Don’t think of it as just a pizza oven, you can roast meat, fish and veggies to perfection – it’s a versatile oven that will you’ll use more and more!





  • Fuel: Wood fired
  • Cooking time: 60 seconds
  • Heat up time: 15-20+ minutes (400°C)
  • Weight: 65kg (20kg with bricks removed)
  • Capacity: 2x 12″ pizzas or 2x roasting trays
  • Made in: Portugal
  • Built in thermometer: Allows you to keep track of the temperature in the cooking area
  • Damper system: Chimney damper system allows you to control the air flowing into the oven
  • Removable door: Use the door the slow cook and hold the heat inside the oven
  • Large cooking area: Cook 2x 12″ pizzas or hold 2x roasting trays

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Igneus Pizza Oven Range


Antique Copper, Red, Graphite, Black, Aubergine

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