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Capezzana, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 75ml


The Capezzana estate, 24 kilometres north west of Florence, is owned by the Conti Contini Bonacossi family. The younger generation is now firmly in charge of the estate, with son Filippo Contini Bonacossi in charge of oil making. Olive oil has been made at Capezzana since Etruscan and Roman times. The first recorded oil is mentioned in a contract dating back to 804 AD, written at the time of Charlemagne, which details both Capezzana’s ‘vineyards and olive groves’. The diaries of the 14th century merchant Datini have been a great source of historical information. These show that as early as 1300, the oil produced near Florence, from Carmignano to Chianti, Rufina and Calenzano, was considered by far the best, commanding high prices in both London and Bruges.

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Capezzana owns around 26,000 olive trees on their estate in Carmignano. Their unfiltered olive oil is made mainly from the early ripening Moraiolo variety which produces an elegant, nicely balanced oil with aromas of freshly cut grass and artichokes.

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