Alfa Forni Oven Base


Custom-made Alfa Forni oven base is the perfect height for cooking but also provides useful storage space for firewood and accessories.

Crafted in Italy from iron and stainless steel and coated with seven layers of heat-resistant paint, its surface has holes into which the feet of your oven can be fastened, creating a completely secure connection. Four swivel casters with brakes provide the perfect combination of manoeuvrability and sturdiness.

Available for every size of Alfa oven except for the Portable and the 5 Pizze.

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1 Pizza: 72cm x 44.2cm x 87.8cm (h) in Black
2 Pizze: 106.6cm x 58.7cm x 88cm (h) in Black
3 Pizze: in Black
4 Pizze: in Black

5 Pizze: in Black
5 Minuti: 78cm x 63.4cm x 87.8cm (h) in Copper




1 Pizza, 2 Pizze, 3 Pizze, 4 Pizze, 5 Pizze, 5 Minuti